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How to reset AT&T Avail

How to hard reset AT&T AvailAs you know, AT&T Avail is an android cellphone, you can transfer any files and install third-party apps from computer to your new cellphone. If the files and apps are not safe, they may damage your cellphone. If some app can not run normally, you will need to reset your AT&T Avail.

If you perform a hard reset on AT&T Avail, all your personal information and downloaded applications on your phone will be erased. So you must back up useful data to memory card.

How to hard reset AT&T Avail:

-Press the Menu Key
-Press Settings
-Press Privacy
-Press Factory data reset
-Press Reset phone
-Press Erase everything.

Now you can transfer important information such as contacts to AT&T Avail. It can help you solve persist problem on your cellphone.

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