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How to set custom ringtone on HTC Window phone 8X

How to set custom ringtone on HTC Window phone 8XYou know on android smartphone, it is very easy to set custom ringtone, you can set any MP3 files you like to be a ringtone. And you might remember it was very difficult to set a song as ringtone on Window phone, but now the Window 8 makes it much more convenient.

Here is a step by step guide on how to set an MP3 file as ringtone on HTC Window phone 8X.

1. Connect your phone to your computer.
2. Copy your custom ringtones to the Ringtones folder on your phone.
3. Disconnect your phone from the computer.
4. On your phone, press the START button. (The START button is the Windows icon at the bottom center below the screen.)
5. On the Start screen, slide to the left.
6. Tap Settings.
7. Tap ringtones+sounds.
8. Tap Ringtone, and you will see the audio file under the Custom category.

Now, you can choose which sound you would like to set as a ringtone on your HTC Window phone 8X, try it on your phone right now.

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