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How to hard reset HTC Window phone 8X

It was said that the Window phone 8X was suffering some problems, and both Micro and HTC are investigating what is that. And if your HTC Window phone 8X encounters some problem, and then it won’t work. May be a hard reset can save your phone from a brick. Here I just show you how […]

How to hard reset LG Doubleplay

I just gave the user manual for LG Doubleplay, here is a tutorial about how to hard reset your new cellphone. If you encounter unexpected problem on your cellphone, you can try to perform a soft reset on your device. Just restart your LG Doubleplay. If the problem persists, you have to perform a hard […]

How to hard reset Pantech Link II

We often transfer interesting files from computer to Pantech Link II, but after you use your cellphone for some time, it is slower than before. What’s the reason? There are many useless files and cache on your Pantech Link II, they take up a lot of space on your device. To chear all useless files […]

How to reset AT&T Avail

As you know, AT&T Avail is an android cellphone, you can transfer any files and install third-party apps from computer to your new cellphone. If the files and apps are not safe, they may damage your cellphone. If some app can not run normally, you will need to reset your AT&T Avail. If you perform […]